Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 2023 750ml


Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 750ml

Colour: The wine has a vibrant strawberry pink hue, giving it a light and delicate appearance.
Aroma: Rose petal and red berry aromas along with freshly crushed grapes and a spicy perfume dominate the nose.

Palate: These characters follow through to the palate along with a fruitiness that is balanced by acidity and spritz.

Recommended food pairings

The Moscato Rosé is so delicate and fresh that it is a fantastic drink to have on its own. Try Moscato Rosé with raspberry-infused white chocolate, nougat or Turkish delight for a seamless sweet combination. For something savoury, Peking duck spring rolls with hoisin dipping sauce. The Moscato aromatics are perfect with the aromatics of the duck while the sweetness enhances the enjoyment of the hoisin flavours.

Alc: 6.5%

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