Villa Maria

Villa Maria East Coast Lighter Rose 2023 750ml


Villa Maria East Coast Lighter Rose 2023 750ml

This lighter in alcohol Rosé displays fresh, red berry fruits and floral aromas on the nose. The palate is delicately balanced, smooth and refreshing.

The fruit for this lighter alcohol wine was carefully selected from early-ripening Pinot Noir and Merlot sites that express ripe flavours at lower sugar levels. The fruit is gently handled and fermented at cool temperatures in the winery to ensure the wine has bright aromatics and fresh fruit flavours, without compromising the palate weight, texture and length. The alcohol level was achieved naturally from the fermentation of the grape sugars, without intervention.

Serving Suggestions: Served chilled, this is an excellent aperitif wine and perfect with summer salads, charcuterie and most seafood dishes.

Alc: 9%

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