Kavalan Concertmaster Sherry Cask 700ml


Kavalan Concertmaster Sherry Cask 700ml

The name Kavalan means ‘flatland people and is named after the local indigenous tribes who originally inhabited the area. The land on which the distillery sits is known for its cold spring water and salty ocean air and let’s not forget the subtropical heat which helps with accelerated maturation taking the whisky only two years to produce.

“We strive to produce quality and distinctive Taiwanese whisky and we are confident that it will please the whisky connoisseurs worldwide. Kavalan whisky is now available in most European countries and will be launched in the US and Russia very soon. Our goal is to make Kavalan available globally.”- Ian Cheng Kavalan Distillery Master Distiller

Our Tasting Notes:
Nose: Tropical fruits of mango and coconut, red fruits of raspberries and cranberries, milk chocolate and creamy vanilla toffee.
Palate: Ripe dark fruits of raisins and figs, toasted walnuts and almond flakes, creme brûlée and strawberry jam.

Finish: Dark chocolate, creamy toffee and red fruits.

Alc: 40% 

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