We only source products which offer outstanding value in the NZ market. Therefore our range is reliant on what we can source and pass on offering significant savings to New Zealand connoisseurs of premium spirits. When we can't source amazing deals from overseas we'll purchase on the local market but still aim to be the price leader. Delivered direct to your door cost is $4.99 for 1 - 12 bottles nationwide.

To put it simply we are international traders selling directly to you. We have built our international networks over many years, sourcing product for New Zealands largest retailers and distributors . Our suppliers stretch across four continents

We now take these offers directly to you.

We are able to offer you such outstanding deals predominantly because of a global over supply of Malt & Reserve grade whisky. The global credit crisis has hit the top end spirit market hard.

Here, now, is a chance to enjoy some the worlds finest brands at drop dead price points. We can't guarantee these prices will last so enjoy the moment.