A. H. Riise Rum Advent Calendar 24*20ml Gift Box


A. H. Riise Rum Advent Calendar 24*20ml Gift Box

Infos and backgrounds

Who doesn't love, the Advent calendars. As a child, it was probably one of the most sought-after gifts to shorten the time until Christmas a little. But you don't have to be a child to get an Advent calendar. The rum brand A. H. Riise has created a great rum advent calendar for 2021.

Contents and appearance of the Rum Advent Calendar

When you see the Christmas calendar for the first time, you cannot imagine that there is room for 24 small bottles of rum. But if you open the calendar, it is obvious. As you know it from the "normal" Advent calendars, there are 24 little doors behind which an alcoholic surprise in the form of a fine rum is hidden.

24 different mini-bottles, each containing 2 cl, surprise the connoisseur and demonstrate the wide range of Caribbean drinks.

Alc: 42.1% 

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