Absinthe Green Tree Fairy 70% 500ml


Absinthe Green Tree Fairy 500ml

Note: This is a Czech Absinth, hence it contains less fennel, anise and mint than French or Swiss Absinthes.The distillery dates from 1518.

First Impression: Wormwood and mint–hyssop, lemon balm alcohol are not as much in the foreground as one might think at 120 proof. Sweetish and minty smell overall with traces of coriander and cubeb.

Appearance: Clear, bright green colour in the bottle, more green-blue in glass- On swirling, leaves a thin coat on the glass with scalloping and very thin legs developing. Louche is poor to nonexistent compared to a French Absinthe.

Taste: Not overly complex- mint and wormwood, with a distinct midline bitter drying on the tongue. Hot, jalapeno-like finish.

ABV: 70%

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