Aerstone 10YO Sea Cask 700ML

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Aerstone 10YO Sea Cask 700ML

Aerstone Sea Cask 10 Year Old is one of two new whiskies from William Grant & Sons launched under their new Aerstone single malt Scotch whisky brand aimed at simplifying the taste messaging in the single malt category.
Tasting Notes:

Nose: Creamy vanilla fudge, a little barley sugar sweetness and some distant orange citrus.

Taste: A lovely, light, smooth, malty delivery with a delicious mix of vanilla icing, barley sugar and sugared almonds, followed by a little candied orange and gentle oak joining the party.

Finish: A long lingering finish, the sweet vanilla oak takes an age to fade out leaving just the faintest salty note.

ABV: 40%

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