AH Riise XO Reserve Rum 700ml



AH Riise XO Reserve Rum 700ml 

The Danish pharmacist Albert Heinrich Riise founded his pharmacy on St. Thomas in 1838 and subsequently also became a rum manufacturer, whose AH Riise rums were very successful not only in his native Denmark. The AH Riise XO Reserve Rum is a blend for which only rum barrels that have been matured for at least 20 years were selected. Under the neutral Danish flag of the Royal Danish West Indies Company, AH Riise rums could be exported even during times of war and today, the Dansk-Vestindisk Rom Kompagni, a descendant of this company, still sells AH Riise rums. 

The AH Riise XO Reserve Rum has a diverse character with the brand's typical sweetness and distinctive fruit notes. On the Caribbean island of St. Thomas, the AH Riise XO Reserve Rum Blend excellently embodies the flair of the Caribbean with exotic and tropical aromas of mango, papaya and vanilla. The deliciously aromatic extra old rum will impress all lovers of fruity-sweet but also mild rums.

Color: Ocher.

Nose: Exotic fruits, caramel, hint of spice.

Taste: Mild, pleasant sweetness, mango, papaya, vanilla.

Finish: Long, creamy vanilla, smooth fruit. 

ABV: 40%

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