Allan Scott Marlborough Riesling 2021/2022 750ml - White Label

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Allan Scott Marlborough Riesling 2021/2022 750ml

Vintage 2020 / Cam Douglas – 92 Points

Allan Scott Family Winemakers vineyards are largely planted on the stony, free-draining mid-Wairau Valley river flats. The vineyards are sustainably managed, and with the care given during the growing season produce some of the world’s greatest wines. 


Vintage 2022 was a very “new” normal growing and harvesting season for a lot of Marlborough vineyards. Having secured a team of talented cellar hands, the first fruit was met with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement. A good flowering period, steady and at times very heavy rainfall throughout the season had us employ every bit of viticulture knowledge and finesse. It was crucial to be on top of our vineyard management programme. Fortunately, we had the ability to call on years of collective experience in growing grapes and making wine across the country. Intricate terroir knowledge and almost daily fruit assessment kept our grapes growing to their full potential. You can expect every bit of aroma and flavour you have grown to know and love Marlborough for.


The aromas of juicy pineapple and lime are beautifully balanced with hints of nectarine and honeysuckle. The acidity and minerality makes for a crisp and refreshing wine with a long lingering finish.

Alc: 12.5%

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