Borsci San Marzano Liqueur 700ml - Italy


Amaro Borsci San Marzano 700ml - Italy

First created in 1840 by an Italian, Giuseppe Borsci, who inherited the recipe from his “Caucasian ancestors”, this is a delicious amaro-style liqueur.

The bottling is flavoured with Melissa, wormwood, cloves, saffron and many other botanicals, producing a complex final product.

Borsci offers up notes of coffee beans, cigar smoke, bittersweet herbs and wormwood, prunes, figs, chocolate, vanilla, plums, cinnamon, cloves and liquorice.

Enjoy neat as a digestive, on the rock, with tonic or in your favourite cocktail. Delicious on top of ice cream, in coffee or milk. Excellent for pastry making.

Alc: 38% 

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