Angel's Envy Bourbon Port Cask Strength 700ml


Angel's Envy Bourbon Port Cask Strength 700ml

Created by Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, Angel’s Envy is worth coveting. Aged up to 6 years in charred white oak barrels and finished in ruby port wine casks, Angel’s Envy is an artisan’s masterpiece unlike any other bourbon.

The bottling is named after the Angel’s Share, an infamous phenomenon and the blight of many a distiller. The Angel’s Share is the industry nickname given to spirit that evaporates from the barrel during maturation. Angel’s Envy is named because it is so delicious, it provokes the angels’ jealousy!  

NOSE: The Port cask is immediately detectable, with aromas of caramelised mandarin skin, jammy raspberries and ripe figs. Rye-like spices of cinnamon and menthol emerge slowly.
TASTE: A thick, satisfying mouthfeel provides the berries with a syrup-like quality. More Bourbon-driven than the nose, with flavours of creamy vanilla, tobacco leaf, toffee and light oak.

FINISH: Fruity and long, with lingering notes of dark chocolate, red apple and blackberry jam. A beauty, and almost unique in the Bourbon world.

Alc: 43.3%

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