Angostura Bitters Cocoa 100ML

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Angostura Bitters Cocoa 100ML

A key ingredient in ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters, Trinitario "cocoa," features a hybrid of Criollo and Forastero cocoa that emerged in the late 18th century and is undisputed as the world's finest cocoa hybrid, with coveted characteristics from each of the parent plants flavour profiles. The locally cultivated cocoa combines with the brand's renowned combination of ingredients and botanicals, a guarded recipe since 1824. 

This years-in-the-making bitters brings superior flavour to the category and addresses the global demand of aficionados and consumers looking to experiment and explore new cocktail and culinary creations. As with all Angostura bitters products, the new flavour contains only all-natural ingredients, is kosher certified and adheres to the highest food safety and clean confectionary standards.

Serving Recommendation

‎ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters pairs perfectly with sweet vermouth or aged spirits like whiskey, rum, cognac and tequila-whilst bringing new layers of depth and complexity to cocktails such as the classic expresso martini. It is ideal to remix classic cocktails, put a luxurious spin on a main dish or sweet treat.

ABV: 48%

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