Appleton Estate 1984 37yo Jamaica Rum 700ml


Appleton Estate 1984 Jamaica Rum 700ml

A very rare edition of 100% pot still rum, single marque. Crafted in the heart of Jamaica, 1984 contains a single, exquisite proprietary marque chosen specifically by Master Blender Joy Spence. Amidst the unparalleled and expansive collection of individual rums, this marque embodies the excellence of Appleton Estate’s rum distillates and vintages.

All Appleton Estate rum is produced on this single estate, and as such, is one of the few rums in the world to claim ‘terroir’ and the
only rum in the world that has a terroir as unique as the Nassau Valley.

Distilled in a Forsyth pot still and then aged for a minimum of 37 years, nine casks of this marque were blended to create an elegant, single marque limited-edition collection.

Tasting Notes
Powerful cinnamon wrapped with nutmeg, honeyed vanilla, rich oak and orange blossoms. Complex long dry oak finish.

Why Hearts Collection 1984
What makes the Hearts Collection different from other single-marque rums is that the collection was distilled in a Forsyth Pot Still, aged a minimum of 37 years compared to the traditional 10-12-year-old single-marque rums on the market, and nine casks of each marque were blended to create and elegant, single-marque limited collection. Each proprietary marque was chosen specifically by Master Blender Joy Spence.

 Alc: 63%

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