Ararat 7YO Ani-Urt Brandy 700ml


Ararat 7YO Ani-Urt Brandy 700ml

Armenia is a country of crystal springs and excellent wine, which is an excellent base for brandy production. Ararat comes from the workshop of Yerevan Brandy Company, it has been manufactured in the country since 1887. This company in Armenia is not only a company, it is a national symbol. The quality of Ararat was also praised by Winston Churchill himself at the Yalta Conference, where brandy enchanted him so much that he had it regularly sent from Armenia in private deliveries.

Amber. lively, fresh, fruity, discreetly elegant in the bouquet, stands out thanks to the fresh orange peel and the hint of oak bark. Long and full taste with a fruity character, which is rounded by a delicate citrus touch with tones of caramel and dried figs.

Alc: 40%

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