Ararat Vaspurakan 15yo Brandy 700ml

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The fifteen-year-old Vaspurakan opens the range of old ARARAT brandies.

Its bouquet is a harmonious combination of spice, coffee and wood aroma and a soft, delicate taste with a pronounced sweetness of Armenian dried fruit.

The delicious ARARAT Vaspurakan is a blend – tribute of students to the outstanding mentor and talented creator Markar Sedrakyan.

The brandy received its name in honour of the master's homeland – the historic principality of Greater Armenia, believed in ancient times to be heaven on earth.

Tasting notes:

Colour: intense amber colour shaded with tones of antique gold.

Aroma: vivid, elegant aroma combines with hints of spices, oak and dried fruit.

Balsamic notes appear at the finish.

Taste: opulent, complex and perfectly balanced flavour.

Alc: 40%