Arette Artesanal Anejo Tequila 750ml


 Arette Artesanal Anejo Tequila 750ml  

Arette is a brand of Tequila produced by the Orendain family. The current master distillers represent the fifth generation producing tequila. Made from 100% estate-grown lowlands Agave, Arette has always prioritized quality over quantity, preserving the original artisanal practices. After 15 hours of brick oven roasting, the agave are shredded and fermented with a proprietary strain of yeast in the distilleries original cement vat, and finally pot distilled. The anejo is rested in ex-bourbon barrels for 20 months.

Soft and smooth body with fantastic bouquet. Citrus, dried grass and hints of dried tropical fruits, including almonds and walnuts and vanilla. A long finish with pops of nutty black pepper. Elegant and complex.

Alc: 38% 

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