Bayside Rum

Bayside Three Moons NZ Rum 700ml


Bayside Three Moons Rum 700ml

While Bayside Rum respects the traditional production of original rum distilling regions, we wanted to make sure it’s also unique to New Zealand. We use a quintessential Kiwi ingredient as our fermentation starter - the mighty kumara! It gives Bayside Rum an earthy note and helps kickstart the fermentation faster. After the fermentation, we transfer the fermented molasses into a Kiwi-made pot-still and distilled twice.

We’ve sourced some local ex-red wine barrels and let the spirit rest in them for at least three months. The resting period doesn’t only impart new flavours from the barrel, it also lets the spirit breathe - making it smoother. The result is a rum unique in colour and flavour merging the tropical notes of a freshly distilled molasses spirit with the red fruit and spice notes of ex-red wine barrels.

Alc: 42%

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