Benriach Smoke Season Double Cask Single Malt 700ml


Benriach Smoke Season Double Cask Single Malt 700ml

Celebrating the time of year when Benriach produces its peated spirit, Smoke Season is the distillery's smokiest whisky to date! While smoky whiskies used to be much more of a thing in the Speyside region many moons ago, that's not quite the case these days. However, Benriach has long produced peated spirit for a short while each year, and this expression shows off the fruits of that labour in its full splendour! Matured in a combination of bourbon barrels and virgin oak casks, this one packs a bold flavour profile for sure.


Aromas of cinder toffee, BBQ-charred pineapple, and dry smoke with a touch of peppercorn. Thyme honey on the palate, scorched bread, ash, fresh lemon zest, and another hint of tropical fruit. With lingering smoke and porridge with lots of brown sugar on the finish.

Alc: 52.8%

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