Benromach Organic 2012 Single Malt Whisky 700ml

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Benromach Organic 2012 Single Malt Whisky 700ml

AwardsGOLD at the International Spirits Competition Meininger 2021

The whisky distillery Benromach is located in the town of Forres in Scotland and was founded in 1898. Benromach was shut down and reopened a few times - but since 1998 the distillery shines again in new splendour. The special thing about this whisky is that it is made from the finest organic ingredients. The barley that is used comes from organic farming. The entire production process is verified by the UK Soil Association. This organization sets the standards for the production of sustainable and organic products.

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Vanilla, barley, pineapple, candy, coffee, cocoa.
Taste: Dark chocolate, tropical fruit, toffee, coffee beans, malt, citrus.
Finish: Long lasting, smooth. (automated translation)

Alc: 46%

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