Black Robin Rare Gin 700ml


Black Robin Rare Gin 700ml


A complex, lifted nose, fresh and beguiling. Multilayered candied lemon and lime zest sub structure, rises to a gentle botanical mix of chervil, watercress, parsley and mint in the middle that mixes with an exceptional delicacy of ‘Horopito’ derived liquorice root and star anise spices to finish. All the scents are delightfully clear without any hint of alcohol heat to disturb the aroma.


It has a piercing clarity of flavour. Zippy lemongrass and lime zest zing around the sides of the tongue waking it up while the weight of the alcohol adds unctuousness to the palate, gently carrying the herbaceous and grassy botanicals through the mouth while the citrus zing slowly evaporates the body of the drink from the sides to the centre of the tongue leaving the ethereal liquorice root and star anise spices from the addition of ‘Horopito’, floating above like mist on a lake. There is no hint of harshness or any competition of nuances of flavour or aroma, just a gentle evolution of complexity, all seemingly borne of each other.

ABV: 43%

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