Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco NV 750ml--Australia


Brown Brothers King Valley Prosecco NV 750ml--Australia 

The King Valley's strong Italian heritage has made it the perfect region to produce world class Prosecco in Australia and Brown Brothers has access to some of the best vineyards available. This refreshing sparkling is made to drink young while at its light and delicate best.

It boasts a delicate nose displaying apple and pear characters. While this wine retains the freshness and vibrancy that Prosecco is known for, the fruit was picked later to provide a softer, rounder palate full of crisp citrus notes. It has a straw colour with subtle green hues and is ideal as an aperitif or to accompany seafood mollusks such as oysters, mussels or clams.

Alc: 11.5%

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