Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rosé Sparkling 750ml


Brown Brothers Sparkling Rosé 750ml

Bright, blushing and bubbly, Zibibbo Rosé makes any celebration that little bit sweeter. Pronounced Zi-Bee-Boh, our grapes are picked in the cool night air to deliver a beautifully fresh drinking experience.

Tasting Notes
Colour: Zibibbo Rosé is a beautiful pale pink colour.
Aroma: Lifted aromas of strawberries and summer fruits.

Palate: This vibrant sparkling has characters of strawberries and watermelon followed by a clean fresh finish.

Recommended food pairings: This delicious pink sparkling is the perfect way to add a sense of celebration to any occasion. Zibibbo Rosé is ideally served either as an aperitif or with light canapés. Alternatively, serve with a spicy Indian curry that has lots of aromatic lift and enjoy the slight sweetness of the wine providing contrast and balance to the chilli heat of the curry.

Alc: 6.5%

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