Buller Fine Old Muscat 750ml


Buller Fine Old Muscat 750ml

Brothers RICHARD AND ANDREW BULLER is continuing the great fortified winemaking tradition established by their father and grandfather. We first met the Buller family in the mid-’70s and pioneered the sale of their fortified wines in Melbourne. Today the brothers enjoy an international reputation for their fortified’s, largely enhanced by Andrew’s winemaking experience with TAYLORS (the famous Port producers) in Portugal. Deep sienna brown colour with an olive hue. Lifted nose, with the aroma of honey, ripe raisins, hints of toffee and fine old brandy spirit. The palate is rich with luscious honeyed raisin flavours dominant, followed by a layer of spice and orange rind. Clean finish, with a long aftertaste of honey, raisins, toffee and orange marmalade.

Alc: 18%

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