Bushmills Steamship Port Cask Irish Whisky 700ml


Bushmills Steamship Port Cask Irish Whisky 700ml

A port-cask-finished Bushmills whiskey from the Steamship Collection. Originally intended for the Duty-Free market, this triple distilled expression has been matured entirely in port casks. Very juicy, this is dominated by berry sweetness and fortified aromas.

The historic Bushmills distillery was founded in 1784 (though a license to distil was granted in 1608) and is the second largest in Ireland, behind Midleton. The core is the third most-sold Irish whiskey, behind Jameson and Tullamore DEW. The distillery is located in the Bushmills village, on the northern coast of Northern Ireland. Along with the Giant’s Causeway rock formations, the distillery is a key attraction of the town.

Alc: 40%

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