Cameron Bridge 26YO 2022 Special Release 700ml - Legends Untold Chapter 2


Cameron Bridge 26YO Special Release 700ml - Legends Untold Chapter 2

Aged for 26 years entirely in refill bourbon casks for its long and gentle maturation, this Cameronbridge Special Release is part of a collection named 'Legends Untold Chapter 2'. The scarcely seen single-grain scotch whisky is bottled at a cask strength of 56.2% abv.

Crème fraîche, sugar paste, candied pear, cereal biscuits and a hint of vanilla punctuate the evocations, which along the length show a fresh, vegetal side, of hay and chamomile, rather unexpected given its age. Not exactly appetising, but with a certain personality.
On the palate it becomes more appealing, the solvent note goes subterranean and opens the field to a warm and spicy (nutmeg, ginger and aniseed) mouthfeel of coffee, honey, cocoa powder, caramel, roasted hazelnuts and sour cream again. A composed sweetness, at times austere. Wood incursions in length, embodied in pencil shavings.
Quite a long and dry finish, where we return to the notes of the nose with the solvent still in the foreground accompanied by almonds, wood, ginger and honey.

Alc: 56.2%

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