Canario Cachaca 40% 700ml


Canario Cachaca 40% 700ml

For the distillation process, the heart of the fresh, green sugar cane – the best and crucial part of the plant – is carefully separated from the rest before being pressed within 24 hours to produce fresh sugar cane juice, which is then fermented. The fermented juice is then distilled. The water used for this comes from a mountain spring, which is constantly monitored in order to preserve its pure, clear and soft quality.

The result is the 40% vol. alcohol  Canarío Cachaça, characterized by a tangy-fresh, restrained sugar cane note and its mild, pure and harmonious flavour. Canarío Cachaça is sold in 0.7 l and 1.0 l crystal-clear bottles with a facet finish.


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