Canti Prosecco Rosé DOC 750ML

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Canti Prosecco Rosé DOC 750ML

Refreshing pink sparkling wine Canti, Prosecco Raboso Rose is a bright representative of the ruler Canti Sparkling, conceived as a harmonious accompaniment of celebrations, filled with joy and gladness. Wine is made from grapes of Prosecco from which one of the most popular dry sparkling wines in the world, and red grapes Rabozo. Rabozo grown mainly in the north-eastern Italian region of Veneto, it ripens late, but it is highly resistant to diseases. These grapes is practically not used in pure form, it is used for "touch-up" and the enrichment of the other wine varieties. In the case of sparkling pink wine from Kant, basic gentle Prosecco, through the use of Rabozo, got a nice rose-crimson colour and filled with pleasant hints of red berries More.

Aroma: Fresh aroma of the wine is filled with notes of red berries with the dominant tone of strawberries.

Taste: Refreshing taste of wine, balanced, with exquisite fruity and berry nuances.

ABV: 11%


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