Caravan Petite Sirah 2019 (Australia) 750ML

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Caravan Petite Sirah 2019 (Australia) 750ML

Double Gold NZ International Wine Show
San Francisco International Wine Competition 

    Full bodied dense ripe berry fruit flavours balanced with vanillian oak but yet long and smooth. Intense youthful fresh ripe berry fruit flavours with some well integrated vanillin oak. This wine has the flavour, structure and balance to be enjoyed now or offers added satisfaction from further cellaring.

    Selected premium vineyards experienced ideal growing conditions producing wines of high sugar and flavours. Cool nights providing ideal harvesting conditions.

    The grapes were picked at between 13.5 to14.0 Baume to produce the fruit flavours that are required to make this great wine. The grapes were fermented in a mixture of vessels to produce as much colour and flavour as possible. Portion of the wine underwent oak during fermentation and once dry, the remaining went to oak until the right balance was achieved. Careful tasting and blending, by our winemaker, help produce this wine of style and great value for money.


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