Cardhu Amber Rock Single Malt Whisky 700ml


Cardhu Amber Rock  700ml

Double matured in American Oak casks, Cardhu Amber Rock is a wonderful whisky with a full body with notes of oak, vanilla and citrus fruits for a wonderful balance of flavour. With a luxurious bitter orange finish, the sweetness is complimented beautifully.

APPEARANCE: Vivid, clear amber.
NOSE: Sweet, full and vibrant, with fresh pear and lychee notes dancing above buttery pastry. There are notes of fragrant vanilla and toasted marshmallow here too, as the palate rounds further to apples and pears in syrup, spiced with clove, then to deeper creamy white chocolate and almonds.
BODY: Medium. Coating. Almost fizzes with life.
PALATE: Sweet and spicy from the start, like a fresh fruit salad with pears and sweet apples in lemon juice finished with a splash of cream from fresh-toasted oak. Then drier, with a balancing tangerine sharpness, before soft, smooth fruit syrup emerges on the subtle mid-palate, beneath which an underlying grassiness and toasty oak intensity is never far away, until smooth marshmallows, creamy milk chocolate and vanilla notes come finally to the fore.

FINISH: Quite long, spicy-sweet, creamy and comforting; a fizzing bitter cherry bomb with smooth, drying cocoa, dark chocolate, toasty oak, and finally a lingering note of citrus.

Alc: 40%

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