Cellini Grappa

Cellini Grappa Oro 700ml


Cellini Grappa Oro 700ml

Grappa, the most ancient and traditional distillate in Northern Italy, is a pomace eau-de-vie, obtained by distilling fermented grape skins used in wine production. A symbol of man’s talent and passion, it is the heritage of peasant experience and wisdom, which transformed a solid raw material into a transparent, crystal clear liquid, rich in diverse organoleptic sensations. Grappa is then aged in wood casks, obtaining a typical amber color and a bouquet with unique and intriguing notes. Dedicated to Benvenuto Cellini, a great Florentine goldsmith and sculptor, Grappa Oro recalls the world of arts and its love for perfection and attention to every detail

Color and Appearance
Pale amber.

Complex bouquet of notes ranging from fresh fruit and spice, to pleasant perfumes of vanilla and pastry.

Appealing, round, full, on the palate it recalls the bouquet, particularly in its fresh fruit hints.



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