M Chapoutier

M Chapoutier Le Meal Ermitage Rouge 2016 750ml - France


M Chapoutier Ermitage Le Meal Rouge 2016 750ml - France

Terroir: The grapes producing “Le Méal” come from the Méal hillside. This is an old fluvioglacial alluvial deposit soil with shingles which contribute to the soil warming.

Harvest: The grapes are hand-harvested generally at very good maturity (the potential alcohol content is above 14% vol.).

Vinification: After pressing the entire grapes, the must is cold settling between 24 and 48 hours. About 50% of the volume is vinified in big new wooden barrels (600 litres), the others ferment in vats.

Maturing: Before bottling, the wine is aged in casks, with stirrings of the lees, and is checked by frequent tastings. This is organoleptic criteria which determines the length of the wooded period. In general, bottling happens from 10 to 12 months after harvesting.


Colour: golden yellow, brilliant.

Nose: intense, very mineral, celery overtones, slight and well-integrated hint of wood.

Palate: ample attack, well-rounded, fine exotic freshness, roasted almond. 

Alc: 14.5%

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