Chateau du Breuil 7yo Brandy 700ml


Chateau du Breuil 7yo Brandy 700ml

A tasty 7-year-old Calvados from the prestigious Château du Breuil distillery.

This bottling is notable as it has been finished in Oloroso sherry casks. Whilst double maturation and finishes are common in the Scotch whisky world, they remain far rarer in the Calvados industry.

Oloroso sherry is a medium style, which imparts to the spirit notes of toasted nuts, spice and dried fruit. This profile makes for a delicious accompaniment to the youthful green and slightly acidic apple, sweet spice and oak flavours possessed by the un-finished Calvados.

Despite its young age, this is a Calvados packed with character and flavour.

ABV: 42% 

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