Chateau du Breuil 8yo Port Brandy 700ml


Chateau du Breuil 8yo Port Brandy 700ml

An intensely fruity Calvados produced by historic Normandy distillers, Château du Breuil.

Based in a 16th-century castle, Château du Breuil has been producing Calvados since the mid-20th century, having previously been used as a chocolate and cheese factory. The distillery continues to use traditional methods, with the apples grown on their 42-hectare orchard, and fermented naturally, without additional ingredients.

One area where the Château breaks with tradition is their maturation – the distillery has begun experimenting with cask finishes and double maturation in recent years. Whilst this process might be common practice in the world of whisky, it is not often seen in Calvados production. This bottling, which has been finished in small French oak casks that previously held Port wine, is an excellent example of the style.

The result is a deeply fruity and intense spirit, with flavours of red grapes, cherries, raspberries, blackcurrant, rosy apple, dark chocolate, fudge, vanilla, a little lemon peel and pressed flowers.

ABV: 42% 

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