Choya Craft Fruit Liqueur 720ml - 俏雅果泥梅酒

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Choya Craft Fruit Liqueur 720ml -  俏雅果泥梅酒

was triple crown – “Best in Show” in the Liqueur category
“Double Gold” and Best of Class (Fruit Liqueur) in 2021 The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), the highest honour award in the world of liqueur

“The CHOYA” is a masterpiece created with our long history of ume liqueur-making experience and data accumulation by CHOYA. It is made with 100% Japan-grown Nanko ume fruit and is fully absorbed by nature’s bounty. “The CHOYA” is produced with much time and effort without adding artificial additives such as acidulants and artificial flavours, to bring out the maximum taste of ume.

The rich Nanko-ume liqueur is blended with the ripe Nanko-ume puree. The extra fruitiness with a luscious sweetness complements the long lingering ageing notes of this authentic Japanese liqueur. 

Alc: 15%

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