Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom Gin 46% 500mL


Citadelle No Mistake The Old Tom Gin was named after the nickname for Old Tom Gin, "No Mistake", which was once given to it by writer Charles Dickens. Therefore, Citadelle Gin pays tribute to Dickens with their Old Tom Gin.

For the Old Tom, the Citadelle Réserve is aged in barrels for three months together with the special sugar. At the end, everything is blended together. The result is a gin with breathtaking aromas and an alcoholic strength of 46% Vol.

In the glass, Citadelle No Mistake Old Tom Gin presents itself in a pale gold. The nose reveals fresh and powerful aromas, accompanied by notes of juniper, orange peel and cardamom. The scent then changes to more floral nuances with notes of jasmine and fennel. On the palate, the Old Tom is full-bodied and elegant with a sweet and sour profile of lemon zest, anise and almond. Sharp notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and cubeb pepper can be tasted on the back palate. The finish is pleasantly long with floral, spicy and woody notes, especially traces of coriander, angelica, violets, cumin and licorice will remain on your tongue.