Cointreau Noir Orange Liqueur and Cognac 700ML


Cointreau Noir Orange Liqueur and Cognac 700ML

Cointreau Noir was created by master distiller Bernadette Langlais, who was inspired by an old recipe from the early 1900s for a Cointreau and cognac blend created by Edouard Cointreau, which was called ‘Majestic’.

Cointreau Noir blends 70 per cent Cointreau orange liqueur with 30 per cent Rémy Martin cognac that was especially made for Cointreau. Her original recipe also includes macerations of nuts and almonds. This is a new product targeted at lovers of single malt whisky and dark rum as well as making cognac more approachable for female drinkers.

Tasting note

Bright amber-gold appearance. Perfumed aroma of orange pith and peel counterpointed by richer, heavier scents of fresh baked orange cake, jaffa and orange sorbet. A glycerous, creamy entry glides into a silky, orange cake / orange zest infused mid palate carried by a subtle spirit backbone, ending semi-sweet with a delicious blood orange fade. Broader and less vibrant than the original, this is no doubt intended to blur the lines between the Cointreau brand and an equally famous rival - Grand Marnier.

ABV: 40%

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