Copperhead Gin - The Gibson Edition 500ml

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Copperhead Gin - The Gibson Edition 500ml


Silver Medal Contemporary - 2020 The Gin Masters (The Spirits Business)

Copperhead's 'Gibson Edition' is a collaborative effort between the Copperhead Gin team in Belgium and renowned bartender Marian Beke (from the Gibson Bar in London). Beke added thirteen new botanicals to the Copperhead Gin base, including allspice, bay leaf, cassia, dill seeds, fennel, ginger, mace and pepper. Eight-year-old jenever was then mixed in as a sweetener (Beke wanted to avoid Old Tom territory by using sugar). The result contributes a pickled twist to cocktails or can be enjoyed with premium tonic water. “As a profile, it’s very specific, it’s very complex, but it’s also very enjoyable,” says brand ambassador, Lennert Van der Cruyssen. He recommends adding a pickled garnish to finish it off.

Tasting Note 

Nose: Sweet nutmeg, aromatic cinnamon and ginger lead, with prickles of peppery juniper. The gorgeous warming spices are confident and prominent, but leave enough room for a little orange blossom, which is evident among slight creamy aromas of angelica and vibrant hops. A herbaceous twinge lingers in the backdrop.

Palate: The juniper becomes deeper and earthier among aromatic fennel and a broad but crisp herbal bitterness. The palate continues the profile of the nose, with subtle sweet notes complementing the wonderful melange of bright and complex coriander, clove and cinnamon. The flavours combine expertly in an exceptionally viscous and savoury delivery.

Finish: Incredibly long and lingering, the rich and fragrant spices fizz away for literally minutes after the initial sip.


ABV: 40% 

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