Cotswolds 'Old Tom' Gin 700ml


Cotswolds 'Old Tom' Gin 700ml

Former financier Daniel Szor used to spend weekends in the Cotswolds, and while contemplating a field of golden barley waving in the breeze, he had a lightbulb moment. In 2014 he started the Cotswolds Distillery and has since won many awards. His flagship London Dry Gin won six Golds. Old Tom Gin is a more recent creation, inspired by 18th century stories of cats and illegal spirit. It was brought to life this century by a Cotwswold team competition – everyone had a month to create their own gin recipe and this was the winner. Steeped in botanicals of liquorice root, ginger, cardamom and caraway, along with usual suspects of juniper and co, the spirit is sweet, woody with light spice and zesty citrus. Enjoy neat over ice or in cocktails.

Tasting notes

Warm ginger, cardamom and liquorice spice cut through by bright citrus


Ginger spice, liquorice, juniper and zesty citrus

ABV: 42%

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