Crystal Head

Crystal Head Aurora Vodka 700ml


Crystal Head Aurora Vodka 700ml

With this Crystal Skull Vodka bottle, you will arrive at every party. The crystal skull in which the vodka is bottled is impressive.

Crystal Head Aurora was created to celebrate the aurora borealis, the most vivid aerial phenomenon. A clean, clear and colourless spirit. Crisp on the nose with delicate floral aromas and a subtle hint of aniseed. Warm with strong peppery notes and a hint of sweetness. Dry, clean and warming feel on the finish.

Crystal Head Vodka is distilled seven times. It is a 100% pure vodka without any additives. Perfect to enjoy neat, but of course also for mixing or as a solid base for cocktails. Bottled in a crystal skull, this silky vodka is a must for every vodka lover.

Alc: 40% 

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