De Valcourt Napoleon Brandy 1L


De Valcourt  Napoleon Brandy 1L

De Valcourt Napoleon Brandy is an outstanding pure grape Brandy, distilled in a column still, then gently aged under the supervision of the Cellar Master whose art is to select Brandies from various batches and age them together. De Valcourt enjoys a remarkable balance resulting in a product that is extremely smooth and pleasant on the palate. It also includes some older Armagnacs in the blend. De Valcourt Napoleon is a blend of the finest French brandies distilled, aged and bottled in France to the very highest standards. A long period of ageing in the best oak casks gives De Valcourt Brandy its mellow smoothness and delightful bouquet.

Smell: Bright golden amber colour; plum and vanilla aromas with hints of spicy cloves.

Tastes: Light to medium-bodied, vanilla flavours with a warming, spicy finish.

Alc: 37% 

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