Dicey Black Rabbit Pinot Noir 2019 750ML

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Dicey Black Rabbit Pinot Noir 2019 750ML

2019 was a year of contrasts: frost, snow, rain, drought and wind storms. We were lucky. There was good weather during December when the vines were flowering, and a long, cool ripening period (but with frosts to keep us on our toes). Veraison took an age, which meant lots of variability in the fruit, making for tough thinning and picking decisions. 

Winemaker’s Notes
A blend of 66% 115 with the remaining 33% Abel 20%. A whole bunch use overall. Fermented with indigenous yeast. 24 days on skins — 7 days cold soak, 8 days in ferment, 9 days post ferment. Ferment temperatures peaked at 30C. Maturation in 4-year-old barrels. Natural malolactic fermentation. No fining prior to bottling in October 2020.

Tasting Notes
Nose — Sweet berry. Truffle. Smoked. Floral.
Palate — Powerful. Juicy. Layered.
Drink — Within 2—5 years
ABV: 14%


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