Dictador Solera XO Perpetual 700ml

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Dictador Solera XO Perpetual 700ml

The second of a pair of XO rums from Dictador, the Perpetual follows the Insolent with a sweet and fruity take on old rum, packed full of orange marmalade, butterscotch and tobacco.

the rum has a deep and noble mahogany brown colour, incredibly dark and yet golden colours, superb shine and richness in the glass. When the bottle is opened a hypnotic aroma, with intricate roasted honey, Colombian coffee, royal toffee, dark chocolate, mature oak and parfait roundness. The mouthfeel is extremely smooth, with fudge, flavours of parfait sweet Colombian coffee, dark chocolate. The finish is long, complex, with light oak flavours coming into play, giving you the sensation of extreme quality and balance between strength and softness.

ABV: 40%

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