Dingle Single Pot Still 4th 700ML

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Dingle Single Pot Still 4th 700ML

Produced by hand in small batches, the Dingle Single Malts are always inimitably individual. Like snapshots, they create a snapshot of taste and thus capture the location in every small batch release. Batch 4 of the Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is an aromatic marriage of Bourbon and Oloroso sherry barrels. Notes of dark fruits and figs are followed by dark chocolate with a hint of toasted, chopped nuts. The chocolate paves the way for a flavour of soft wood and leather notes that merges into a long finish.

Nose: Fudge, raisin and melted white chocolate. A pinch of ground clove and some warm bakery waft too.
Palate: Fresh orange peel and crushed cinnamon. Sponge cake drizzled in toffee and dark chocolate shavings. A light hint of peppery oak.

Finish: Stewed berries and waxy peels.

Alc: 46.5%

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