Dog Point Marlborough Chardonnay 2018 750ML

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Dog Point Marlborough Chardonnay 2018 750ML


Location-  Marlborough home vineyards on hill slopes and surrounding foothills.

Viticulture-   4.5 tonnes/hectare. Some plantings dating back to 1981.

Clones-   75% Mendoza, 25% Clone 95.

Soil-   Clay and silt/clay loams.


A mild spring free of frost alerts resulted in an extremely good budburst with nice even growth across all varieties. Above-average early/mid-summer temperatures with generally settled weather ensured an excellent flowering and fruit set, with January the warmest in over 60 years of statistical records. This led to one of our earliest harvests, however, the month also produced another climatic record with by far the highest rainfall recorded for February, necessitating additional canopy management, under vine weeding and inter-row mowing. Low cropping with good open canopies allowed sunlight and wind penetration to do their job, which certainly won the day in testing, but rewarding vintage.

Winemaking: Handpicked and gently pressed straight to barrel (10% new) for eighteen months. No juice clarification with 100% wild primary and secondary fermentations. Bottled without fining and with only minimal filtration.

Colour: Pale straw in colour.

Aroma: Gunflint, smoke and gravelly tones sit alongside the citrus core of fruit flavours. The extended barrel ageing of 18 months shows nutty flavours and creamy texture.

Palate: The hallmarks of Dog Point chardonnay are ever-present here with pure saline and crisp palate structure. This vintage will have the ability to age well.

Cellaring:  Seven to ten years.

ABV: 13%


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