Don Papa Rum 4.5L


Don Papa Rum 4.5L

Big Don Papa!
With this 4.5-liter bottle, Don Papa sets a sign that truly casts a big shadow!

Don Papa Isio was a simple worker of a sugarcane plantation and became one of the heroes of the revolution in the Philippines in 1896-1898. The named after him rum is made from one of the highest quality sugar cane species in the world at the foot of Mount Kanlaon only in small batches. The rum ripens over seven years in American oak barrels.

A delicate premium rum, full-bodied in the taste with pronounced notes of fruit, honey and vanilla.

Nose: fruity with sweet tangerines and apricots right at the beginning - then toffee and vanilla ice cream

Taste: still the fruitiness, with amounts of vanilla, honey and cinnamon - some raisins and fruity-sweet jam.

Finish: long and warm.


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