Dr Loosen

Dr Loosen Bros DR Riesling Dry 2021 750ml (Blue Label) - Germany


Dr Loosen Bros DR Riesling Dry 2021 750ml

The dry counterpart to Dr L Riesling, this wine is produced with the same exacting quality standards. Because it is dry but still beautifully fruity, this wine works with a different range of foods than the regular Dr L Riesling, making the pair of wines extremely versatile. Dr L dry embodies the elegant and racy style of Riesling from the slate-soil vineyards of the Mosel valley.

Riesling is a highly aromatic and fruity grape variety. It has been regarded as the greatest white wine grape for hundreds of years. Throughout history, Riesling has been revered for its vibrant personality, its pure fruit flavours, its astonishing diversity of styles, its ability to show you where it was grown, its versatility with food, and its ability to age for decades.


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