Dry River

Dry River Pinot Gris 13% 2023 750ml


Dry River Pinot Gris 13% 2023 750ml

Celebrating the cooler 2023 season, this Pinot Gris embodies elegance and clarity with moderate alcohol and a balanced acidity-sugar interplay, elevating our signature depth while enhancing purity and controlled viscosity.



Notes of poached peaches, croissants, warm cream, hazelnut, vanilla, hot cotton, pear, and jasmine flower. The wine's journey offers explorative length, powered by harmonious acids and ripe skin flavanols, shaping a long slender skeleton. The fruit exudes confidence, and its lusciousness unfolds, culminating in a tantalizing blend of ripe autumnal fruit, cream, pastry, and citrus zest. 

Alc: 13% 

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