El Ron Prohibido Reserva 22yo Rum 700ml


El Ron Prohibido Reserva 22 Y.O. 700ml

Ron Prohibido Reserva 22 comes from a tradition that dates back to the 1700s Around the year 1700, Spanish ships arrived at the new continent loaded with products from the peninsula and holds full of casks containing sultana wine, which was unloaded in New Spain. In order not to return empty, those barrels containing leftover beverages were filled with "Chinguirito" rum, a sugar cane brandy, a product made in Mexico.

This ultra-premium Mexican rum has been matured with the Solera process, then aged in American white oak barrels, which gives it a very soft and round aroma, but some of these barrels were filled with pecans, almond and peach shells and then the rum was matured in them giving it a unique flavour.


ABV: 40%


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