Emperor London Bridge Limited Edition Rum 700ml - Sauterne Finish


Emperor London Bridge Sauterne Finish 700ml

EMPEROR LONDON BRIDGE is a unique blend of selected batches of 5-12 year old island rums, it contains both a traditional selection of molasses (approx. 60%) and Agricole (sugar cane juice).

Very unique thanks to the exclusive 12-month final maturation in rare and old barrels, very specific and prized varieties of wine from botrytic Sauternes grapes, which come from the prestigious Chateau Clos Haut - Peraguey - Grand Cru Classé 1855 located in the heart. The resulting rum is beautifully golden in color, deliciously complex, silky smooth with an aromatic and flavor spectrum reflecting the character of the mentioned matured and delicately sweet wine

AROMA: full of notes of fresh, just-blooming flowers, which very slowly leads to surprisingly deep traces of fresh fruit before the first slow sips

PALATE: generously silky and seductive with a whiff of fruity freshness and traces of blueberries, cherries, but also a hint of iris. The delicate finish is dominated by notes of chocolate with touches of frangipane pudding.

Alc: 40%

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