Hugel Riesling Classic 2021 750ml - France


Hugel Riesling Classic 2021 750ml - France

This is the Famille Hugel signature wine. This dry Riesling stands out for its finesse and frankness and is the ideal partner to fish and seafood thanks to its wonderful balance and elegance.

Riesling is the Pinot Noir of white wines! It is our most demanding variety as it is also the latest ripening. Dry and elegant, it expresses itself best on our steepest slopes with the most complex minerality.

The robe's sparkling youthfulness gives it eye-catching bright green highlights. At first, this Riesling's aromas are dashing, well-stated and floral, opening with hints of lily of the valley elderflower and lively citrus zest. With age, it takes on rocky hints of flint, tinder, and hydrocarbons. The perfectly dry flavour detonates with life, energy and a clearly stated attack that remains without greenness and opens up the appetite. Lemon, lime and yuzu zest roll around the mouth right up to the acidic, delicate and addictive final note.

Alc: 12.5%

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